The beginning of my YouTube experience

It’s been a really long time since I have updated my web-site. It is because I wanted to post only quality information, 100% tested and flawless.
Because of all these standards and pressure, I forgot that I can have fun with my web-site. I am going to fix that…
I am going to share with you my YouTube experiences as a beginner. I will try to grow a channel with ZERO knowledge about YouTube publishing.
I have created a channel about two of my passions: gaming and ambience music. Since there is not a lot of time for gaming anymore (since I am a father of two), the only game I could think of was World of Warcraft – a game which I have played a lot during my twenties.

So the channel’s name is MEISIO of course and it is about music and ambience of a massive MMORPG, called World of Warcraft (in short WoW).

Follow me through my experience, as I will try to share everything, all my struggles, the good and the bad.

Channel’s name: MEISIO
Genre: Ambience & Music, Games (World of Warcraft)

Thank you and wish me luck!
Meisio's on Channel YouTube

Razvan Mircea Razvan Mircea
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