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The standard team structure of an e-commerce web site

Startup structure for an e-commerce business

In a start-up business, the people hired have to be versatile. A person has to possess a variety of skills and can be involved in any part of the business, whenever is necessary. This is the beauty of an on-line e-commerce start-up: not only that each day can offer you a different experience, but you can also improve in a lot of skills. The model presented bellow can apply to a lot of e-commerce start-ups, but it is not necessarily the most efficient structure for any type of on-line shop.

In my opinion, a standard structure can be:

  • 2 persons always on web site management and product uploading (with the skills of an web site administrator: knowledge about HTML, CSS, image manipulation (in Adobe Photoshop ideally) and have some copywriting skills);
  • 1 person in touch with manufacturers and customer’s orders (this person is customer orientated, has excellent communication and organizational skills, initiative, with impeccable work ethic and financial skills);
  • 1 person in on-line sales (with HTML, CSS, on-line marketing skills (SEA, SEM, Social Media, Analytics), excellent communication skills: sending emails, preparing newsletters and promotions for customer loyalty and converting abandoned orders);
  • 1 e-commerce manager in charge of on-line and sales strategy, ideally a person with both technical and on-line marketing skills. Of course, project management and financial skills are necessary as well.

I haven’t mentioned about a web site development person, as this can be outsourced. Initially, an e-commerce platform have to be built or customized, and after, different modules will be bespoke developed.
What about you? What are your thoughts?