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Creative Resume for Your Inspiration – Facebook CV Created with Microsoft Word (Free Download)

Creative Resume Facebook CV Built in Microsoft Word

Applying to jobs is a stressful and rather unpleasant period. But who says you cannot have a little fun? If you are a person who applies to creative jobs, there are ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd. To help you out, I want to share this free Facebook resume template with with you, hopefully you will get other ideas or you can use my template to create your own.

Any recruiter will require your Curriculum Vitae to be printable on an A4 paper in a Microsoft Word format (.doc, .docx).
To create a resume which looks and feels like a Facebook profile can be challenging because:
- you need to work with pixels and centimeters, some of you might know, any web page is measured in pixels and your document needs to be printed on an A4 paper format (width: 21 cm x height: 29.7 cm);
- you need to adapt your professional experience to the Timeline (written with a more direct and relaxed language).

Okay, lets get to work

If we are analyzing a Facebook profile page, we notice it is split in 4 columns:

Facebook Profile Explained
  • 1. left side: general information like “About”, “Photos”, “Friends” etc;
  • 2. central side: the Timeline (here are presented in chronological order the lifetime events);
  • 3. right side: advertising area (part where Facebook is displaying ads);
  • 4. the very right side of the web site (Facebook Chat and last minute updates), which is only available on wide screens with large resolution.

Resizing the whole Facebook web site to fit into an A4 paper format will not work: images and especially the fonts will not be easy to look at or to be read. Eventually, the recruiters will get tired to read it and that can be a bad sign for you. So having a pretty resume is not the everything, you need to follow some basic readability rules like: fonts not smaller than 9 points (approximate 12 pixels, depends on browser, font and Operating System) and use only the printable area in the A4 page.

What I have done is just used the left and central side of the Facebook page since the right side is only advertising anyway.

Technical details (what you need to replace on the template)

How to use Format Painter in Microsoft Word

I tried to keep the image dimensions as close as possible to the reality, but some elements had to be resized. What you need to replace in the template is:

  • Cover image: 696 x 317 pixels
  • Profile picture: 163 x 163 pixels;
  • Header picture: 21 x 21 pixels;
  • Main post picture: 40 x 40 pixels;
  • Comment picture: 32 x 32 pixels;
  • Interests / Likes picture: 110 x 165 pixels;
  • Timeline portfolio picture: 420 x 315 pixels (can be any size in height, keep the 420 pixels size width;
  • And of course, the text with your information! Use Format Painter Tool to modify the text with your own.

Note: Dimensions are presented as width x height in points at a resolution of 72 Points Per Inch.
Dimensions of pictures in Facebook CV


  • A way to differentiate you from the crowd. Your CV is guaranteed to be read;
  • Fun to build it and you will learn a lot about Facebook page elements;
  • 100% compatible with the standards (You are able to include every section of a classic resume: Bio, Work Experience, Education, Interest and On-Field Activities).


  • If you decide to include a lot of pictures in your Curriculum Vitae (in the Timeline section), the file size can increase quite a lot (most of the recruiting web sites will require a Resume of maximum 1 Megabyte);
  • To customize this CV requires advanced Microsoft Word knowledge and some Adobe Photoshop skills (in the archive which you can download bellow I have included PSD files too, hopefully they can help you further more). Adding more companies in the CV will require some table manipulation, which has to be pixel perfect and that is not so easy to do.

Some things you need to consider

  • Having your resume so different can sometimes become “viral”. This is a bad idea when you are the type of person who likes the privacy or if you are currently employed and looking for another opportunity;
  • You might want to build a classic version of your CV as well, in case the recruiters will request it.

More tips

  • When writing the experience, remember that you have to do it like you are doing it in Facebook’s Timeline, letting your friends know about your lifetime professional events;
  • Be all the time creative but do not fall into ridiculous with the pictures used and information about yourself;
  • Use the left side column of your document to include more information about yourself: interests or skill set (but please keep it relevant: e.g.: you can say you like watching TV shows but do not list every TV show you are watching unless you consider it relevant for the job you apply);
  • Image optimization knowledge is useful: to know when to use PNG, GIF or JPEG format images can keep your Resume at a decent size and quality (as mentioned before, try to keep it under 1 Megabyte);
  • If necessary, change your name font color to black if your cover image is lighter.

Thank you for reading, you can download the CV template by clicking the DOWNLOAD BUTTON and if you liked my article please share it or leave a comment bellow.