Hire me

I am working on some projects but I can always do more. So if you want to do something together, please drop me a line. Please do not take this as self praise, this are some things that I think are characterizing me in my work:

Some things about me:

  • I have 11 years’ experience in the on-line industry (e-commerce, SEO, SEM, mobile apps and web design & development);
  • I am an experienced (8 years) people manager in fast-paced companies and I like to be consultative;
  • I have entrepreneurial experience, experienced self-starter, I have been participating at 4 start-up projects so far (that means that I like taking decisions and have responsibility, but I am not afraid taking operational jobs as well);
  • I am an analytic person but with a very creative mind, Photoshop is always installed on my computer;
  • I have a bachelor degree in Economy and IT, graduated on top 10% with a GPA 3.77/4.00;
  • I take time to analyze people around me so I can understand them;
  • I am fun person, I love making jokes but I am very serious about my work!
  • I take a great pride in my work and I am always doing my best.

My professional wishlist

  • I hope I will work more with mobile technology in the future;
  • I hope I will have the chance to master project management better and become a SCRUM PMP;
  • I hope I will become an Web Analytics professional.