Do Search Engines index JavaScript content?

There is not news that GoogleBot is getting smarter and smarter after each algorithm release. At the end of 2011 Matt Cutts has announced that “Google keeps getting smarter. Now has the ability to execute AJAX/JS to index some dynamic contents”. Since then, the other two big search engines: Bing and Yahoo! joined Google’s initiative and they are indexing AJAX and JavaScript too.

I have made a small test with the help of my friends from Websi and Blue Engineering and discovered by myself the results. So we published this “ultra hard to index JavaScript” ;) into a blog post and the results where satisfying:

<script type="text/javascript">
	var i=0;
	document.getElementById("div1").innerHTML = i+1;
	document.getElementById("div2").innerHTML = (i+1) + "" + (i+19) + (i+23) ;
</script></xmp><xmp class="code"><script type="text/javascript">
	document.write("Hixxq" + i);
	document.write(" Hello world" + i);

Here is a cached version of GoogleBot. While studying this feature, I have discovered that GoogleBot is actually Chrome (if you are looking for a detailed article, you can find it at

JavaScript indexed content

To test your dynamic generated content really fast, you can use Google Webmaster Tools. You can do that by accessing the Crawl > Fetch as Google section. You even have a very small preview in the web page.

Fetch a web page as GoogleBot

For more accurate tests and limitations of Google algorithm you can access this page on