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General (bad) thoughts about YouTube publishing

It has been almost 2 months since I have first started publishing videos on YouTube and get to understand the platform better.

My first impressions are:
- It is a jungle out there, even if you have the best content ever, chances are, your videos will be missed big time since there are millions of channels.
- I believe that over 90% of the channels are created by people with no real clue about what is going on. A lot of children (even under 10 years old) are publishing their content, even things which should not be shared publicly. It makes me wonder where are their parents…
- A lot of people are trying to exploit the YouTube platform, for money benefits of course, I am not trying to be xenophobic but a lot of them are coming from Russia. There are channels with thousands of subscribers but no videos posted – isn’t this a red flag for YouTube?
- Making money online starting from scratch, especially on YouTube, is a mirage, you are better off working on a conventional job. If you are trying to succeed out there, your mission should be to learn new skills like video editing, communication, lighting, filming, etc., not making money. Prepare for a very long run.
- Video editing can be costly, if you will use apps like Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop CC your return of investment will have to wait a long time. Of course there is cheaper software, but you will not have the same results like with the one mentioned;
- There are also a great deal of channels which are trying to encourage you or teach you how to succeed on YouTube, please read the community opinion on them, also, they before jumping to take their advice, have a look at the success on their channel and how they apply themselves the teachings. It is not a rule that a big channel is always right.
- Making your first REAL 100 / 200 / 500 subscribers is just hardcore…

Quick updates about my channel: (Meisio, music & ambience from World of Warcraft)
Current number of subscribers: 191, a raise of 19 subscribers in 3 weeks from 172.
Current number of views: 1764. It means that in 3 weeks I have made 635 views (from which probably 30-40% are mine).
Number of new videos published in the 3 weeks period: 11.
There are many other metrics which I can compare, but I don’t think I can make a point by doing this at the moment.

- I must have more patience, the results on YouTube are definitely on a long term. I am still waiting for a breakthrough, for a revelation.
- I have definitely improved but the progress seems to be really small. The real improvement is skill wise, my video editing skills are beginning to be decent.

Thank you and I will see you soon.

The beginning of my YouTube experience

It’s been a really long time since I have updated my web-site. It is because I wanted to post only quality information, 100% tested and flawless.
Because of all these standards and pressure, I forgot that I can have fun with my web-site. I am going to fix that…
I am going to share with you my YouTube experiences as a beginner. I will try to grow a channel with ZERO knowledge about YouTube publishing.
I have created a channel about two of my passions: gaming and ambience music. Since there is not a lot of time for gaming anymore (since I am a father of two), the only game I could think of was World of Warcraft – a game which I have played a lot during my twenties.

So the channel’s name is MEISIO of course and it is about music and ambience of a massive MMORPG, called World of Warcraft (in short WoW).

Follow me through my experience, as I will try to share everything, all my struggles, the good and the bad.

Channel’s name: MEISIO
Genre: Ambience & Music, Games (World of Warcraft)

Thank you and wish me luck!
Meisio's on Channel YouTube

Eufloria Classic / HD, a trully original RTS game (video)

Eufloria Classic / HD, a trully original RTS game

Eufloria Classic / HD is odd, not the typical game you are used to play. If you are looking to play something else, this is it. Eufloria is a real time strategy game, but you will not really know it until you will start playing it. The game concept is really unique: your entities are spores, trees, flowers and asteroids. It is a game about exploration and conquest, your ultimate goal is to take over the entire world.

It might sound weird, but what I like most is that the usual scenes of destruction and conquest are well hidden by the spectacular and simple game universe. Your ‘soldiers’ are seedlings, ready to destroy other enemy spores and trees or to colonize asteroids. The whole ambiance is relaxing yet fun and the music plays a special role to create this atmosphere.

The game-play is relatively simple to understand at the beginning, but to really master it can take a lot of time. Another thing that I love about this RTS is the random factor: the size, type and positions of the asteroids is always random, when repeating the missions you will not feel that you played them already.

The game was originally designed for PC, but the creators (who are now only updating Eufloria HD) made it available for a lot of platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PSN, iOS, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook. Yes, you can even play it on your mobile device (tablet or smart-phone), which is totally great. Unfortunately buying the game for a device will not grant you the license for another type of platform. You will not able to synchronize the progress on other devices either, even if you bought all licenses.

Overall Eufloria is an unique and incredibly addictive RTS, like nothing you have seen before, a game which will not loose its value in time. My belief is that the creators should invest more in marketing (looking at the the web site, I think it should have the same design as the game This type of game should be played more, especially by the young generation, as it is developing your imagination, reactions and decision making while being under pressure.

Eufloria Gamplay HD on YouTube published by HDGameplayZ on December 29th, 2009