About me

Education & Work

I have seen the first computer in 1994 and it was love at first sight! Inspired by my eldest brother, I have decided to follow an education in IT. I have attended and finished the high school with an IT specialization with a degree as an Programmer Analyst. After, I have graduated the “Informatics” faculty of the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Now I am an IT Engineer with a bachelor degree in Economy and IT.

I have started to work since I turned 19, during the first year of the University: my first job was as web designer. In 2000 I was learning first tricks on Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash. Back then it was harder, I was reading books for tutorials, on the Internet you could not find too many examples.
Even though at University I was studying more programming than design, I liked more the second part, I was fascinated about what I can do with images.

In 2003 util the summer of 2011, I had the honor to work in a young and talented team at Blue Engineering, start-up company who offered me the opportunities to improve in web design and coordinate a lot of projects.
I have learned a lot of cool things there, like web project management, on-line advertising (SEM, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media), e-commerce and accepted the responsibilities to coordinate a fast-paced web department in a continuous growing company.

Nowadays, I am wondering through Europe to wherever the job is taking me, I still love to do the same things, a bit of everything: web design, e-commerce and advertising.

Me is Io

I am Razvan Mircea in real life and in the games I am Meisio. I like playing strategy games (Yea, I am refusing to grow up in some areas, probably I will be playing computer games all my life) but I am also passionate about computers in general. I am a husband and a father. I have a small boy named Martin (a little warrior in his daddy’s mind). two children: a warrior called Martin and a mage called Maya.

I will try to keep this web site updated and write here about what I care most.

By the way, Meisio is just a game of words, mixed between English are Romanian, translated just in English: Me is Me… another stupid way to say “It’s me” :)